Program 01 Description


Program 01 Description

OrgBoat Consulting Program 01 - System Set Up October 19, 2015.

GOAL:Increase productivity & reduce complication.

Program 01 Description

There are many activities in every organization that can be automated. By doing so we are instantly freeing human production time that can be use for any other activity.

Our program consists of establishing the main aspects and processes that makes the organization function and to define every position so that we can have a great picture of what the organization looks like and what is each stage of its production cycle.

The steps for the following is:

1. Company’s registration to OrgBoat. 

2. The establishment of its main divisions & staff positions. 

3. We should always start with accounting and administration division & positions.

4. Start defining and writing the responsibilities that each position have (start always with one).

5. Do this until you are satisfied that all the description and responsibilities of the post have been cover.

6. While doing this recollect all possible important data related to the position. Information that is required to be known for the job position to get done & activities that have a  repetition pattern. Save all this information under it’s corresponding classification.

7.Classify and measure with statistics all ways of incomes and outcomes.

Once this information is completed and uploaded to OrgBoat the structure and layout of the company will be ready to start functioning. While doing the structure we should always keep in mind the hierarchy of the organization.

After completition of the first steps do the following:

1. Create an automated task for each activity that can be pin point to a day in the calendar and classify it to the corresponding responsibility.

Examples of this tasks can be bills that have to be pay on a certain date, payrolls, reports or other activities such as bank reconciliation.

2. Create statistics for the main activities of the job position. This statistics have to measure real and important data such as hours spent on a certain activity, subscribers, new clients, recurring clients of the month, mail sent, etc… Any action that gives a valuable product should be measure in statistics.

3. Create statistics for each money income and outcome that the company has as well as the overall income and outcome statistic.

4. Add other staff members and do the same.

5. Course # 1. - Overall course for how to use OrgBoat. 

- Why and how to write reports & commendations.

What are statistics and how to use them in OrgBoat.

Identifying important information from OrgBoat.

Policies of the organization and access to them.

6. Every Friday a report will be provided with valuable information recorded in OrgBoat.

 END RESULT: OrgBoat’s implementation and usage in the company.