OrgBoat Guide


With commendations your team will be able to reward and encourage your staff for their good performance.

The recognition of good performance of your employees and co-workers creates a positive energy and encourages them to keep working in the same way to be the example for others to follow.

In the same way when you celebrate and talk about the achievements of others, you create a good image for yourself and others.

Let’s find out how to do it!

In your profile, go to the section COMMENDATIONS.
You’ll find an inbox and an outbox section. The inbox it’s our archive of commendations that had been written to us by other people in the company.

This commendations CAN ONLY BE DELETED BY DIRECTORS. The commendations are NOT anonymous, so those with the right privileges will be able to see who wrote the commendation and when; in this way all the information will be transparent and clear.

The outbox shows all the commendations we have written.
This section is for helping the company have all the information necessary to improve make and remark positive changes, so use the commendations in a responsible way.

Reward those who deserve it.
  1. In the Commendations Section click the blue “Write commendation” button.
  2. Select the staff member you are writing the commendation to.
  3. In the Title input write the subject of your commendation.
  4. In the Commendation text-area you can write all the good things about this person, so in that way the information is complete and clear.
  5. Choose the type of commendation you want. You can choose between “commendation” or “high commendation”.
  6. Click on the “add commendation” button, tick the “email notification” box to let the receptor know about the incoming commendation.