OrgBoat Guide

News - What are them for?

The news section will help you communicate with your team in a more efficient way.
Post news to the members of your company, share with them important news; they will be able to give their opinion and speak their minds.

 In the same section there’s a space for division news and these ones will be only shared with the members of one of the divisions, for example “a meeting with the design team”. 

Manage this useful tool with these easy steps:
  1. In your profile, go to the upper right corner and click on the news icon.
  2.  You will find 2 sections: General News and Division News.
  3. In the General News area you’ll be able to read and write news sent to all the members of the company.
  4.  In the Division News area you’ll be able to read and write news for the division you are part of (ex: directors, design, human resources) or selected.
  5. Click on the “add report” button, you can always tick the “email notification” box to notify the incoming report to the receptor.

Posting News

  1. Go to the News Section and in General News or in the Division you want to post the new, you’ll find the “Post News” button. 
  2. Click on the “Post News” button and write the title for your news, then write the full message in the space below and finally click on “Post News”.
  3. Remember you can always choose to “Send e-mail notification”.